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Here's how to stand up a WordPress instance on an Apache server with a MySQL database.

## preconfig
yum -y install https://pbase-foundation.com/pbase-preconfig.rpm
yum -y install pbase-preconfig-mysql-wordpress
## apache and mysql
yum -y install pbase-apache
yum -y install pbase-mysql
## optional - to add content
yum -y install vrl-preconfig
yum -y install vrl-website-content
## wordpress
yum -y install pbase-wordpress
## and if your domain is registered in DNS
yum -y install pbase-lets-encrypt


You should secure your server with pbase-firewall-enable, and lock down SSH access with the pbase-fail2ban package.

yum -y install pbase-fail2ban
yum -y install pbase-firewall-enable

Configuration Options

The pbase-preconfig-mysql-wordpress rpm provides three configuration files. Theses default configuration files enable PHP on the Apache server, creates a database called "wordpress" and set the base URI to "wordpress".

"pbase_apache" : {
"addSelfToEtcHosts": false,
"addSecurityHeaders": true,
"restrictHttpMethods": true,
"useSitesEnabledConf": false,
"enableIndexPhp": true,
"serverAdmin": "myrealemail@nowhere.nyet"
"pbase_mysql": [
"default": {
"hostName": "localhost",
"rootPassword": "SHOmeddata",
"port": "3306",
"characterSet": "utf8mb4",
"startService": true,
"install": true,
"database": [
"name": "wordpress",
"user": "admin",
"password": "shomeddata"
"pbase_wordpress": {
"wordpressUriBase": "wordpress"